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Proxima is a reimagined Class 5 walk-in step van body that will usher in the next generation of commercial delivery vehicles. Its chassis-flexible design means it offers significant advantages for both electric and internal-combustion powertrains. Proxima builds on Morgan Olson’s reputation for durable and dependable commercial vehicle bodies while introducing new technologies to enhance driver ergonomics, safety, comfort, and overall retention, as well as efficiencies that will transform the industry.


Improved Aerodynamics

Designed for optimal aerodynamics, delivering a 40% reduction in drag for maximum efficiency without compromising functionality.

Simplified Digital Infrastructure

Equipped with VX Control, an integrated digital infrastructure enabling all connected systems throughout the body to exchange information and aid the driver.

Driver Ergonomics

Designed to accommodate drivers of all sizes with a focus on every interior detail to reduce driver distraction and increase safety and comfort.

Driver Visibility

The carefully designed dash, windshield, and side- and rear-view screens optimize the driver’s sight lines for maximum visibility and blind spot reduction.

Driver Safety

Focused on driving position and improved visibility to aid in parking, maneuvering, and avoiding obstacles — contributing to overall safety.

Enhanced Driver Display

A simplified display delivers the most relevant messages to the driver on a single touchscreen interface.


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